02/15/11 - posted by Angus Macfarlane
When I pointed out that the OUTSIDE LANDS encompassed much more than the Sunset and Richmond Districts, I wasn't advocating to include the huge area west of Divisadero and south of 26th Street in our WESTERN NEIGHBORHOODS PROJECT

When Woody and David had the inspiration to create this wonderful organization and website, they took on a huge task. By limiting it to the WESTERN NEIGHBORHOODS, they made it manageable and nurtured it for 13 years. It was their baby and they had every right to name it and define it however they wished.

If there is a wish to expand the Western Neighborhoods eastward, I suggest that we do it democratically. If Woody and David and the other members of the WNP Board are inclined, I would propose that every dues paying member of the WNP (HINT, HINT) voice his or her opinion.

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