02/15/11 - posted by Woody LaBounty
When David and I were scheming out the idea of Western Neighborhoods Project back in 1998 he was all for including all the neglected "outside" neighborhoods, and at times I do feel a pang for the Excelsior, Bayview, Crocker-Amazon, etc.

Paul is right that at the amazing History Expo we had people coming to our table sad that the Haight, the Western Addition, and the Marina were "unrepresented."

My advice to them was to start a local history group. Since WNP launched, the Bernal Heights and Visitation Valley neighborhoods started or expanded organizations and are doing great work. It takes as little as putting up a blog or Web site and letting the world contribute. As with the History Expo, I'm full of great ideas and advice, if not the time or energy to pull off more work. So if people want to tap our experience I'll take the time to help.

I'm OK with some boundary creep to take on Cole Valley stories and photos, but the Haight is such a big topic, with a name and reputation that encompasses the globe, that it deserves its own organization.

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