02/14/11 - posted by Rex Bell
To be honest, I had mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I really like the intimacy and specificity that the WNP currently offers. I like the history, discussion, and exclusive sense of connection to those who understand what it was like growing up in western SF, in the fog, and in what was once nothing but sand dunes. Believe me, it goes against my nature to want to be exclusive, but keeping the WNP specific is in some ways analogous to preserving the memories of our western landmarks like Playland, Zims, the slot car track, and the Irving Theater.

On the other hand, Cole Valley is almost the Inner Sunset and the Haight is literaly just a stone's throw from Kezar. Adding these areas would help grow the WNP, increase the membership base, and add both breadth and depth. That's invaluable.

But to avoid the WNP from getting too dilited, and to prevent it from loosing its unique character, I would propose drawing an eastern boundary somewhere - like along Divisadero or Clayton St.

So after some thought, I'm in favor of adding Cole Valley and the Haight. They'll bring a rich history and lots of additional character(s). If that means more work, and if additional volunteers are needed to keep things going, then count me in.
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