02/14/11 - posted by jb
It might be time for Don Woody to make a move into those neighborhoods, given the reasonable arguments posted here. Who knows...may go to the mattresses and find some money stuffed in them. Sorry...Watched the Godfather again last night. I'm sure finer minds than mine will make this decision but if those hoods are historically bound to the "Outsidelands," it seems appropriate that they be included.

That area around the Mint has really turned upscale. I've known it forever since my grandparents owned and operated the Provident Loan in the 50's-60's and my brother-in-law is now the proprietor. He and the other merchants have poured big bucks into street upgrades and security. Granite sidewalks have paved over marbleized pigeon poop and Thunderbird wine stains but I still kinda miss Kress' and Fosters.

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