02/13/11 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Yesterday while I was briefly toiling at the WNP section at the SF History Expo at the old mint, on three occasions I was asked by residents of Cole Valley or the Haight Ashbury whether they could be a part of the WNP.

Including them would imply adding photos and historical articles and discussion threads. It would also require history walks and other appreciations.

I thought of one important argument in favor, however. As our website is outsidelands.org, the 1867 board of supervisors had an Outside Lands committee. The members of the board consisting of the Outside Lands Committee included:
Supervisor Charles Stanyan of the 12th district
Supervisor A. J. Shrader of the 9th district
Supervisor R. Beverly Cole of the 4th district
Supervisor Charles Clayton of the 7th district
Supervisor Monroe Ashbury of the 5th district

Those names officially tied to the Outside Lands would suggest that the Cole Valley and Haight Ashbury neighborhoods should be included.

Are we willing to take them on?
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