01/20/11 - posted by sba
I'm looking for more information about Anton Levay and the Black House. I live in the condominium building that was built where his "Black House" used to be before it was torn down. (apologies if any of you were "fans" and tried to get the place deemed a historical landmark, I was not even aware of the connection until we were in escrow). In any case, I've tried to research Levay a bit and as far as I can tell, he was a weird celebrity wannabe - not particularly harmful. But I've heard other stories about child molestation that to date have been unconfirmed. I guess I want to know if he was truly an evil person, or just trying to rub elbows with celebs. I don't believe in curses, am very skeptical by nature, but we have had what seems to me to be an inordinate amount of pest and construction issues in what is essentially a four year old building and as a result I'm getting a lot of ribbing from more "open minded" friends about haunting. I'd just like to know more about Anton Levay and his church and what it was really all about. Anyone with any info - please share! PS - my dog gets decked out as Togare, Levay's pet lion every year for halloween. If only I could share a photo...
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