11/01/10 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Frank Dear...sorry if I stole a tiny portion of your upcoming Streetwise thunder...reflecting on The City, and the especially Old Hood is compulsive for those of us who can only visit occasionally...

I wish you could all meet my Newfound Quinn cousin. A very solid guy...(and his wife is pure delight). We pondered the fact that many families, in the "old days" harbored negative opinions, grudges, obsessively clung-to small slights, etc. that rendered future generations not knowing about each other - because one family member or another "disapproved" and cut off communication. Made me wonder if any of you lost track of Outsidelands relatives, or perhaps found them a way-too-long time down the road, simply because some long-dead Uncle, or Mother, or Cousin "took umbrage" and broke the family chain.... Bob Quinn and I agreed that the Old Irish were particularly guilty of this transgression.

A very, very Irish classmate at my reunion shared a joke..."When Irishmen gets Alzheimer's the only thing they remember is the grudges."
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