11/11/10 - posted by Tim Dineen
It has never ceased to amaze me what a small town San Francisco really is. And just how far it reaches...

At work yesterday I was talking to a customer and San Francisco came up (as it often does - I like to remind these people I am a SAN FRANCISCAN!) She's a nurse back here and was talking about 12-hour shifts. I said I had worked at a restaurant in SF where I cooked 2pm-10pm and then bartended 10pm-2am. The Riviera Dinner House on 33rd & Taraval. She did an OMG! Her GRANDPARENTS lived on 34th and Ulloa and were regulars at the Riviera - Burl and Merl Manning. What a small world, indeed!

And yes, Taraval was looking a bit shabby last time I was home. But it's a familiar shabby that I still love - and miss.

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