10/29/10 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
I have returned from my St. Cecilia class reunion, chock-full of wonderful memories!!

One of the highlights was getting to meet Woody LaBounty, Frank Dunnigan and Lorri Ungaretti in person, at our Friday nite wine and cheese reception held at St. Cecilia's Collins Center. We are so very lucky to have these people as part of the WNP gang... And, having been "properly introduced," I can officially switch over from "Mr. LaB" to "Woody."

Poor Taraval St. looks a little shabby, but the Gold Mirror continues to be a very fine restaurant. West Portal has done a fabulous job of maintaining its small neighborhood charm. The #28 bus is still as jam-packed as it was when I traveled back and forth to Stonestown. (I knew I was OFFICIALLY OLD when a sweet teenage girl gave me her seat!) Stonestown is far too trendy for my tastes, but its Borders books is a great store. I'm aware that there are many complaints about the Muni, but I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the L Car.

Also visited Holy Cross Cemetery (to say hi to the relatives), wandered Clement St. (hurrah for Green Apple Books), got the quick tour of GG Park (sorry...the DeYoung is a monstrosity in my book- period), saw the building on Castro and Jersey which housed my Grandparents, their children, and boarders upstairs, with their little grocery store downstairs. It's now a beauty salon, but the ladies were happy to let me wander around and examine the still-intact old windows, doors and transoms.

Last, but not least, I now personally confirm that Woody does indeed have a "flawless complexion."
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