10/20/10 - posted by Timothy McIntosh
With all due respect to Mr Dunnigans' memories, The Board of Supervisors passed an ordnance stating that The Richmond started at Arquello Blvd. So I'm discounting anything east of Arguello. Once upon a time I sold Sunday Chron-Exam in front of The Sugar Bowl Bakery. (.75)Next door was Bills Lounge, they had a doorway linking both places. They might have shared kitchen facilities too. The bar was on the west side of the building and there were green booths on the east side.
Dicks' Market was on 37th and Balboa, now gone. Nice to see that Hockey Haven, Gus's Fishing Supplies, Crown Hardware and Papa Opps are still around.
There were grocery stores on 37th and 39th & Geary. The one on 37th was Mr. Yee's, 39th was M&G National Food Market. Brothers Marwan and George taught me how to swear in Arabic.
33rd and Geary S/W corner was Danny and Carl's Chevron gas station, one of my brothers and a cousin had worked there.
N/W corner was a Shell Station, N/E corner was a Doggie Diner, then a Tokyo Stop restaurant. Now I think they are all
apartments. S/W corner of 26th ave was Tree Frog Music, where I took guitar lessons from Jody Guthrie, Woody's other son.
S/w corner of 17 ave Canterbury Corners Book store.
North side of Gary between 17th and 16th, USE/ Value Giant.
OK now for extra credit, who can remember the huge (to me) gardening center on the south side of Geary at 42nd?

Tim McIntosh
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