10/20/10 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
I didn't meander around the Richmond much, so many of the places mentioned I'd never heard of (except for the big, obvious ones like Sears).

Regardless, I appreciated the update on Presentation...had no idea it was no longer in operation; but glad to hear it's in good hands. I wonder if the Senior Garden is still there? It was located between the school and the convent...a lovely area with shade trees, rose bushes and nice benches. Only the Seniors could use it, and we all spent our lunch hour in that special place.

I remember Carew & English as my parents mentioned it a lot in connection with various funerals for relatives and friends. The demise of C & E also explains why later on, my folks started mentioning Arthur J. Sullivan instead. In fact, Sullivan handled both my mother and father's funerals.
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