10/19/10 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
The old Lowell High School (the building is still there) was at the corner of Hayes and Masonic, so it should be included. (We moved further out before SI did back in 1962.) Just like SI, Lowell has been in its "new" building longer than it was in its "old" building.

I used to swim at the "new" Rossi pool back in the 50s, and often pick up a snack at Herman's on the way home. I would catch the #10 in front of the bakery (one of many back then) to cross the park for home.

I can remember last years of the B and C cars running down to The Ocean Beach.

I also remember when St. Edward's was a new church. Really old people could remember The Earthquake (#1)--back in the 50s I couldn't imagine ever being able remember anything that had occurred 50 years ago. Now I'm one of the really old people. What really amazes me is how in LESS than 50 years some things, such as St. Edward' are here, gone, and forgotten--or not even remembered.

The skull kicking tore at my heart. Such a sad way for those once loved to be treated! The burials were a big expense for some; it was assumed they would rest in peace. It is bad enough to be forgotten; to be used for casual play and then tossed, thrown, or kicked aside is dreadful. The ultimate last gesture of a throw away society!
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