11/07/10 - posted by Judy H
Here's few places I recall while living in the Richmond, most not previously mentioned:

Family Market: On Geary between 22nd and 23rd; it's now Thom's Natural Foods (which used to be at 10th and Clement). My Mom shopped there a lot, and they really were like a family.

The Russian deli at the corner of 22nd and Geary, where I got my first taste of piroshkis.

Plantation Chicken, on the north side of Geary near 22nd.

Cala Markets at 4th and Geary and 27th and Geary, just closed a few years ago.

I loved Lick Super; they had the best meat and poultry markets there. I was very sorry to see it close.

When I moved back to the City in 1990 I lived in the apartment house on the NW corner of 3rd and Anza. I was constantly running up to Sears for things. If they ever wonder what contributed to that store failing, I can tell them: huge lawn mower department. Talk about the lonely Maytag repairman; the lawn mower salesman were the lonliest people I ever saw! They had a great hardware department, however, and very busy.

I liked eating at the Front Room on Clement; was there one night with my mother and sister right after the cast and crew of Streets of San Francisco had eaten there. The waitresses were still gaga over Michael Douglas. After we ate we went out onto Clement to watch a scene being filmed. (FYI; the last Front Room remaining in the Bay Area is in Vallejo, where I now live.)

Someone brought up Oui Fondue on Clement on another thread; I think it was out near Bill's. During the fondue craze of the '70s it was a good place to eat.

Lazy Susan, on Clement near 7th or 8th Ave, was a gfun gift shop.

There was an antique store in the first or second block of Clement on the south side, run by old ladies. There was a kitchen in the back that you could go into and sit and perhaps get coffee, and a wonderful dollhouse room. I still have a little, jointed, fuzzy bear that my mother bought for me there.

Having grown up Lutheran I would be remiss to not mention Zion Lutheran Church at 9th and Anza. It was originally a mission of the mother church, St. Paulus, back when the Richmond was wild and wooly. I grew up at St. Paulus and attended church at Zion for a while before leaving the area. The original church building is now at 10th and Cabrillo.

I attended many a Lamplighters performance at the Presentation Theater. I liked the intimacy of the place.

I loved the view from my 3rd and Anza top floor apartment, of St. Ignatius and Lone Mountain. It was positively European.

One of the mainstays that is still there is Pacific Cafe at 34th and Geary. I ate there when it first opened in 1974 and it is still my favorite seafood place.

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