10/21/10 - posted by Mary-Ann
Timothy McIntosh - What was the period of time you were recalling in your post? I believe the market you called Dick's market was the Littlemans's I referred to from back in the 1940s and 1950s. And thanks for reminding me of the market at 39th & Geary where for all three years at Presidio six of us girlfriends met to walk down Geary to school every day.

Someone mentioned the 19th Hole - between 32nd and 33rd on Clement. Our family doctor, Bill Heggli, who delivered all my kids had his offices next door, just across the street and down a half a block from the entrance to Lincoln Park golf course. There was also a big Safeway Store on 32nd near Clement.

I also forgot to mention King's Sporting Goods on the N/W corner of 27th and Geary. Bob King took my dad on as a partner after dad retired on disability after WWII. In the late '40s or maybe 1950 the store burned and, while amicable, the partnership ended. I don't think business was that good at the time and both took on different ventures. I have a picture of the store with dad holding my baby brother and somewhere hidden away, another picture of the place with smoke billowing from the windows. When I find the lost one, I'll send them to you, Woody.
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