10/20/10 - posted by RobS
Great stroll down Memory Lane! I'm a little younger and missed a some of the long-gone places, but there are a few I remember...

California Deli, north side of Clement, between 8th and 7th. I remember getting sandwiches there in the late 80's from guys who still wore the white smocks.

Lick Supermarket, now a Smart and Final, on 7th between Clement and Geary. My Dad would shop there with me on the way home from The Shop back in the late 60s.

O'Shea's bar on 10th and Clement. I was too young to go in, but am told my Inlaws and their neighbors spent a bit of time there.

BTW, I wonder what became of the cool sign outside Jolly Friar's? I used to stop and study it every time I walked past.
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