10/02/10 - posted by John Martini
Hi all. I'm very, very sorry that I'm going to miss Sunday's BBQ and moose roundup at Pine Lake. However, my long standing volunteer commitments require that I be elsewhere. Drat.

While I have the great privilege of knowing many of you WNP post-ers personally (hey there JB and Shortcake!) others I know only through your many writings and memories. You'll all be happy to know that in my mind's eye you guys and gals are all 18 years old, standing on a traffic island somewhere on West Portal, waiting for a MUNI "L" or "K" with your car tickets ready, and arguing about whether the DJs are cooler on KYA or KFRC. (Emperor Gene Rules!)

And if even if can't be there in person, I'm still glad to be part of our new/old extended family from the 'hood.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a perfect day for the Outside Lands' reunion, so remember me in my absence. And if Woody or Paul should be flipping patties at a fog-shrouded grill near the Lake, please char an extra-well done one for me.

Hold the tomato,

-John Martini

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