12/09/13 - posted by david lewis
Until now, I had been told by my late Uncle Theodore Cooper that he had been raised, after having been found homeless on the streets of San Francisco, in an orphanage in calistoga. Reading Albert Wilson's book, These Were the Children, in which my uncle is often mentioned, there is no reference to an orphanage in Calistoga. According to Wilson, they were raised in the SF Nursery for Homeless children. An astonishing research revelation. Could I have been misled or lied to or misunderstood my uncle all those years, when he would drive us up in the Calistoga area and talk about walking to school each day, showing us a stretch of the road upon which he walked?

Might you have any clues, insights on this?


David Lewis Hammarssrom
I was raised in the brick house in the shadows of the North Windmill, my grandfather and father were caretakers of that section of the park.
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