09/28/10 - posted by jb
Perhaps its time to get my eyes checked but tell me if I'm wrong: 38 seconds into the current "history minute," is one of the three men standing by the truck not Woody? I think he and Dave are having a laugh on us with the Zelig factor.

OK, so maybe I'm scrapin' since Paul Judge and I concurred that we are getting bone dry on items to post here to drum up some interest and excitement. Hard to believe we've covered every topic concerning the Outsidelands so you kids please put on your thinking caps, get out your "mental" detectors and head for the beach while the weather is beautiful and the tide is out. I'm sure there is still buried treasure in the sand, maybe even Emperor Norton's.

Speaking of treasure, John Martini is pure gold as an interpretive guide and I encourage everyone to sign up for his Cliff House or other tours when offered. Hopefully, he'll take the mike on the upcoming bus ride.

Just as I fear, I've run out of things to say. Maybe I'm not really Irish after all.

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