08/27/10 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
Just saw a news broadcast on Channel 5 about the area around 15th & Taraval and an ongoing 3-year problem with broken water lines in the streets near the point where the L-Taraval turns from Ulloa onto 15th & then from 15th onto Taraval. Seems that water lines there rupture rather regularly, often in the area under the sidewalk, between the meter and the house--so the problem becomes worse when the owner is billed for all the wasted water. I don't ever remember such a problem in all the years that my parents lived nearby (1948-2002). There is suspicion about "stray electrical charges" from the LRVs. Hey, all you engineer-types out there, can that be so? And why is not taking place elsewhere in SF where MUNI LRVs make a 90-degree turn?
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