05/31/10 - posted by Steve
Just a few of my relatives served in the Armed Forces (I did, in peacetime, until just after the 1991 Desert Storm). They all survived.

One distant cousin was in an Indiana infantry regiment in the Civil War and was in various engagements. My uncle was a career Navy man who served throughout WW2 in the Pacific but did not get into much action except near Saipan. Another uncle was an Air Force mechanic. Another distant cousin, the only one with a special story, was an Army enlisted man in WW2. He was captured by the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge. He reported that he was well treated - maybe having German grandparents helped - but that neither the prisoners nor the German soldiers had much to eat. My father, the only San Franciscan in this group, took leave from his job at O'Connnor-Moffat and spent WW2 doing electrical wiring on Navy ships at Hunters Point.

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