05/31/10 - posted by Roxane N
Great Post!
My Uncle Richard was a virtuoso violinist. Young and handsome, he put his musical career on hold to fight the Japanese in World War II. He served on the USS Intrepid. He was a radar man 3rd Class, and told all his brothers and sisters he was going to be safe, because he was on a big carrier. But, in 1944, a Kamikaze pilot struck the Intrepid and killed my Dad's little brother. Richard was buried at sea. In my Dad's household, during WWII, there were four men in the armed services. My dad, serving on the USS Enterprise, went on to England and met my mom. They came home to San Francisco to raise their own--big--family. Whenever my dad hears a beautiful violin piece, he says, "Richard could play that!" This is for him, and my Pop.
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