05/31/10 - posted by Roxane

Yes, the greatest generation is, sadly, dying off. I don't believe in coincidences much -- and I found your great website today --thanks to all of you for the great San Francisco memories. I am a third generation San Francisco girl who grew up in the Ingleside Terraces district. Since it is Memorial Day, let me post my love for my dad, Eddie, who was in the Navy during WWII and Korean War. He served on the USS Enterprise and will be 91 years old in June. He comes over and mows my lawn every week, and helps me with my gardening. He drives a pearlescent blue 1986 Jaguar and you'd love him! He put his seven children through Catholic School in the City, fed us fresh sourdough bread and cracked crabs from the wharf, and is a walking, talking history book of San Francisco! Thanks for all your great stories, and to all of you, HAPPY HEALTHY MEMORIAL DAY! -- Roxane N
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