05/31/10 - posted by jb
Dear Richard,

I'm moved beyond tears and feel honored by you for sharing your most-personal story with all of us. Thank you! The horrors of war come home with all who serve and, as your dad's life so poignantly and tragically divulges, touches the lives of many for all their days.

In sharing your story, I hope and pray you find peace, comfort, empathy and consolation...the very things your father and mother seemed to have been brutally short-changed on.

I deeply admire your forgiveness; emotional shrapnel, often painfully removed one piece at time, still leaves a nasty wound. It seems you have done much to heal yourself and may your experience be regarded as a sanctified suture in a world torn wide with war and its cruel and irrational aftermath. And my you find peace for many years to come here on earth.

Kindest regards,
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