05/30/10 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Couldn't agree with Candis and Paul J. more...

The true intent of Memorial Day seems to be loosing ground with the general public. I still remember, after 9/11, City, State and Federal politicians (no longer in office thank god) suggested we could get back on our psychological feet by "going shopping." (I'm STILL reeling from that one!)

Several years ago, I was in my local supermarket over Memorial Day weekend. One of the displays contained cakes described as "patriotic"...decorated with red, white and blue icing, topped off with a little paper American flag. Above them, was a sign saying "Remember Our Veterans!" I'm sorry to say, I came unglued and ripped the store manager a new one. It was one of the most disrespectful things I'd ever seen, and all to make a few more lousy bucks in profits. (Don't think I have to tell you he declined my suggestion that the money from the sale of those stupid cakes go to a Veteran's orginanization rather than into their corporate coffers.)
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