05/30/10 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
Once upon a time, long ago--altho it doesn't seem so long ago--Summer officially began with Decoration Day, which is now renamed Memorial Day. It wasn't the last Monday in May back then, it was 30 May, so as often as not, it stood alone, not lumped together with Saturday and Sunday to form a three day weekend.

On Decoration Day, it was expected, if at all possible, everyone who was able would go to The Cemetery and decorate the graves with flowers, especialy the graves of those who had served in a war or wars. Most businesses were closed for Decoration Day. Large flags were seen everywhere. This custom resulted from The Civil War. I believe it began in The South, where the war is more widely known as The War Between The States. This 2010 weekend, some people still visit and decorate graves.

Perhaps, between an attempt to boost the economy with a trip to a "One Day ONLY" sale (until the next sale with the same stuff they still couldn't unload), and grilling meat badly, those who have no idea of the significance of Decoration/Memorial Day could be told why there is a three day weekend, why working for peace honors the veterans of long ago wars, why a sincere "Thank You" to a veteran on any day, at any opportunity, matters.

We live in a world with too many wars, but ignore those who fight the wars. Let us acknowledge them, not only this weekend, but on all the other days of the year.

Thank you, one and all, today and every day.
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