05/28/10 - posted by jb
Just a note of heartfelt thanks to all those brave souls who have given up their lives with courage and left their families and loved ones in grief, so that we may enjoy the freedoms we still hold near and dear today.

I also want to thank the cops on the beat and the smoke chasers on the roofs who protect our safety while risking life and limb and still make time to get our cat out of the tree or our neighbor's dog to stop barking. And to the crews who pave our streets and clear our sewers so the only BS we have to wade through is mostly political.

And to those of you who think retirement benefits are too high for veterans or civil servants...next time you need someone to catch a bullet for you, save you from smoke asphyxiation or keep your hard-wood floors from turning into a cesspool, call your portfolio manager or mortgage broker and monitor their response time.

We need to be grateful and regard retirement benefits for those who truly serve our country as a thanks and tribute of appreciation rather than extortion money paid to those corrupted by our system as is the case in several other countries today.

Face it...were it not for these heroes, we'd be stripped of the very right to complain about them. Personally, I find it impossible to place a price on freedom and the highest standard of living in the world.

Cheers and condolences to those for whom Memorial Day is more than just a Monday off work,
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