05/22/10 - posted by Charles
The Lady from Shanghai. It was 1947 and I had returned to The City from classes at Cal to contest a traffic citation for an infraction on Alemany Blvd (maybe Parkside boys should stay away from the The Mission) at the old Hall of Justice on Kearney Street. There was a crowd and movie cameras were rolling. I had to stand there waiting for the all clear sign before entering the courthouse for my legal problem. In the midst of a crowd leaving the building was a familiar face with a bewildered look. I recognized Orson Welles who then turned left and walked down Kearney. He spoke no lines so I'm not sure why I'm throwing this in. I have just borrowed the film from a local library to confirm my recollections. Oh yes, the traffic citation. I explained to the judge that I had briefly crossed a double line to avoid an accident. The judge was sympathetic War veterans in that era frequently benefited from sympathy and reduced the fine to five dollars.
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