03/24/10 - posted by Sitton
My memories went to a pet shop on Taraval as I was awakening this morning. Does anyone remember a pet shop on Taraval. I'm thinking it was between 23rd and 25th. It might have been where the Noriega Furniture Store was located last time I was in the neighborhood.
I went in there often as I had a craving for getting a bird.
I either wanted a turquoise blue budgie or one of the myna birds that were in residence. I thought it would be great to have a pet that could talk. I never got one, and I think I would have tired of cleaning a bird cage very soon, but I visited often. I wonder if the big birds ever got homes or lived out their lives in pet stores. Having cats for pets wouldn't have gone very well with pet birds.
Was anyone out there in WNP a person who kept birds?
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