Re: Captain Fortune, Skipper Sedley and other fifties SF TV

03/21/10 - posted by norm

Mayor Art migrated from a show called Tooneytown that was on channel 13 to channel 4. The premise was the same on both channels. (Channel 13 barely came in on our set as I recall. That may have been that the taping was done in town but the station was actually based in Stockton????)

I recall sitting in the galley when the Rocking H club went to a taping one day after school in the late 50's/very early 60's. The Rocking H club was an after school group for boys that worked out of a preschool in the Richmond. A gent we called Mr. Ham (actually Hamburger as I recall) would take boys around town on outings for several hours. He had one of the first VW microbuses in town (red and black). i don't know which was cooler...getting to see aspects of the City i never would have seen with my parents or getting to ride in a VW bus as every car in town passed us up.

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