Re: Captain Fortune, Skipper Sedley and other fifties SF TV

03/20/10 - posted by Nick & Tanya

I wasnt around in the 50s but I do remember Romper Room and Miss Nancy. Also remember KTVU hosting the Japanese Sci Fi shows on weekdays. If not mistaken it was UltraMan. I believe the same guy who hosted Dialing for Dollars hosted that or maybe it was the Creature Features guy. Also have fond memories of KOFY TV20 and the subsequent KOFY1050 radio with the 1950s music. I was a nostalgia hound and history geek even as a teenager and I loved the 50s music and the TV20 Dance Parties that James Gabbert hosted. When I was 10 I was really into reruns of the Wild Wild West, Bonanza and Daniel Boone staring the previously mentioned Fess Parker who I thought was the epitome of cool. TV20 also did the Sunday morning TV20 Time Machine with the intro from the Outer Limits. I miss local TV productions despite their low budget cheesiness.I loved those shows. Another favorite was afternoon Looney Tunes cartoons hosted by Dr. Don Rose on KBHK in the late 70s. I didnt know back then that DR. Don was a local radio legend.

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