Re: Captain Fortune, Skipper Sedley and other fifties SF TV

03/20/10 - posted by John Martini

"Captain Fortune" was actually artist Peter Abenheim, who started the show around 1950. I worked with his son Don as a park ranger in the 1970s.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the show: "A local artist named Peter Abenheim (actually an immigrant from England) played the host, at first named "Cap'n Pete"; he told tall tales of his seafaring exploits, illustrated by his own drawings. The show opened with children running to gather around the barrel inhabited by "Short John O'Copper," a hand-puppet pirate who sang (in Irish pirate brogue) the "Who's that knocking?" song. By the mid-'50s, "Cap'n Pete" had become "Captain Fortune," but Short John kept his name and sidekick role. <ref: Tim Hollis, "Hi There, Boys and Girls!: America's Local Children's TV Shows" (Univ. of Mississippi Press) >

(BTW, thanks for including the footnote Wikipedia! )

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