Re: Captain Fortune, Skipper Sedley and other fifties SF TV

03/20/10 - posted by Frank Dunnigan

The building at Van Ness & Greenwich housed KPIX, Channel 5--I noticed on a visit to SF last month that it has been replaced by something new--condos, I think. Back in the 1950s-60s, KRON, Channel 4, was located at O'Farrell & Taylor (later KBHK TV, Channel 44), and KGO, Channel 7, was on Golden Gate.

A group of friends and I (all attired in sport coats and neckties) appeared on the Mayor Art Show, featuring Popeye cartoons, in July of 1962. Didn't Mayor Art replace Skipper Sedley a few years earlier? Later, on Channel 2, Skipper Sedley morphed himself into Sir Sedley and was presenting the 3 Stooges.

The following month, Grandma took me with her to the taping of a live Tennessee Ernie Ford Show at KGO, and I got to shake hands with him. All you had to do was call the station for free tickets--so much live, local TV in those days.

King Norman did a Saturday morning TV show in the late 1950s.

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