Re: Captain Fortune, Skipper Sedley and other fifties SF TV

10/14/20 - posted by Paul Judge

Patty Correa, heck there were a whole posse of personalities hosting children’s programs in the early days of live TV broadcasting.
Some of the locally produced shows that I can recall at the moment were, 'Fireman Frank', 'Deputy Dave', 'Marshall Jay', 'Captain Satellite'…

I loved 'Captain Fortune'. His weekday after school children's television program had a strong hold on me. Captain Fortune was broadcast in San Francisco
on KPIX, Channel 5. It aired through the 1950s hosted by a local artist named Peter Abenheim. For a brief time in the early - mid 60s Peter Abenheim
aired a Saturday morning program devoted to arts & crafts and model making. His programs inspired me to enjoy drawing and model making as a kid.

I enjoyed 'Skipper Sedley' as well on KRON Channel 4 in San Francisco and later as 'Sir Sedley' on KTVU Channel 2 in Oakland. I lay on the living room floor with my younger sister and sometimes some of our friends watching those programs in rapt attention. Bruce Sedley cut a wide figure in Bay Area broadcasting and creative output. Here’s a link to the Bay Area Radio Museum and an article Bruce Sedley wrote about his career.

As for old film/video clips of those two programs you might browse the following link. It is likely you might not find them but you could bump into
some other topics that grab your attention.

The San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive 1939 - 2005, SF State Library Department of Special Collections

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