Re: Captain Fortune, Skipper Sedley and other fifties SF TV

03/23/10 - posted by Karen K

Wow- I had forgotten entirely about this event in my life.Year?...I'm going to say 1959...? I remember Mom escorting me into the KRON studios for the Mayor Art live taping...I, on the other hand was (who knows why) more excited about seeing Art ???? the "6 O'Clock News" broadcaster sitting at his desk, reading from a piece of paper he held in his hands, and looking directly into the camera. (No teleprompters in those days)...So, what was Art the news broadcaster last name? I can still "see his face", too..blondish hair, with a suit on and looking positively "different" to me IN PERSON as he had (obviously) pancake make-up on for those hot lights! WNP members-- another name to conjure up from our past!

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