Re: Great moments in kiddie TV

03/23/10 - posted by jb

As I see it, Kid's TV in the 50-60's married the magic of fantasy to a moral compass that moved our generation forward in ways we may never see again. Viewed in stark contrast to Speed Racer and the genre of childhood entertainment that followed, they lack the frenetic pace and violence which has become our society today. It is as if ABC gave way to ADD; KGO to KGB. And please don't toss "The Three Stooges" at me in an attempt to derail my train of thought or I'll give you an eye poke and take you to Niagara Falls.

Kids shows had structure, education and manners interwoven with a moral fiber that promoted good over evil, honor over deception, unity over defamation. There were Jungian archetypes to relate to and emulate as we moved onward towards our own vision quests.

I believe we are the most fortunate generation to have been born in all of history and our early childhood TV is a testament to this.

Tutor Turtle

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