03/12/10 - posted by Nick & Tanya
Hello everyone, so glad to finally return to the beloved WNP site and read all the wonderful stories and recollections. It is great to finally be back after too much reality.

On that happy note of return we are wondering if anyone can recall the metal, Art Nouveau style, wrought iron arches that used to grace the stone columns that are the entry to the Ingleside Terraces neighborhood. These stone sentinels from another time greet us everyday as we come home and from what we know they used to have large ornate ironwork that connected them.I grew up with the massive stone pillars and they are a vivid part of my childhood I had never known back in those days that they were a remnant of a greater public art work. The arches were apparently removed during WWII for scrap metal and unfortunately never replaced. Does anyone recall them or know of any images? Apparently a canopy of wrought iron hung out over an interesection on Fillmore St as well. At least this is something I had heard years back and I believe I may have even seen a photo of that.
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