Re: The San Francisco accent

02/19/10 - posted by Sitton

Rothman's comments got me wanting to reply.
Most of this discussion on a San Francisco accent is totally foreign to my thinking on the subject.
When I was at Lincoln High I had an English teacher whom I thought spoke peculiarly. But she certainly didn't speak in the way most of you have been giving examples of.
My best recollection of what I thought she sounded like was snooty and maybe flat.
Anyway, one day, for some reason, she was speaking on this very subject, a San Franciscan accent. She said that she had been traveling in Europe, and people identified her as being from San Francisco, by her speech.

As to myself, I was raised in San Francisco, in the Parkside from a very early age. My mother is a New Englander, but she made a point of pronouncing things as spelled, and I pretty much do that too. I have a close friend who was born in San Francisco in the Parkside, of Russian parents, and we seem to speak just about identically.
When we were young she did have one expression that I am sure came from the Russian. She would say, "Close the light".
I do have another SF friend of Irish /Jewish family who still says "idear" instead of "idea". I don't say it, but I do think, "There's no r in idea."

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