Re: The San Francisco accent and other musings

02/17/10 - posted by Karen K

Hey Will--watch it!...I am not yet 60..close, but not "there yet"... (as to your comment about anyone under 70 not having the accent)....I was actually talking to someone on the street (not in the City, either) and another person overheard me and said "excuse me, are you from San Francisco?"...and I said "of course!" which I then said "how did you know?"...and he said.."your accent"...that was a first for me, and funny because I was not living in the City any longer, but in Marin..... Novato, so not really "Marin"...ha. Now I live in Santa Cruz and feel like I am back in the City in the 60's with all the hippies, but that is the only extent of it...thank God I don't smell the ghastly petrulia (sp) oil, though...ugh

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