12/16/12 - posted by Patrick

A picture of the front of the best enchalada's in the world--
my mom and dad took me there as a youngster (from their courting days onward their favorite spot) great sauce with french bread fresh onions with Jack cheese -- mmmmmm

On weekends in the war years, 15,000 people eat 25,000 pounds of hamburger, 12,000 tamales from the "Hot House,"




Remember the Hot House? The only Mexican restaurant that served french bread instead of tortilla's with your meal.

I still crave the Hot House cup tamale. Especially after a few beers. The closest I have found to their sauce (remember it--orange brown with just the right amount of spiciness) is, believe it or don't, Safeway Select Enchilada Sauce.

Re: the Hot House sauce. A friend told us to take a can of red chili sauce and mix with a can of campbell's cream of chicken soup - and it tastes great and very much like the Old Hot House sauce... try it.

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