05/18/10 - posted by jeff
I have very fond memories of the Hot House at Playland, and Skateland at the Beach, as my parents and I; skated competitively out of that roller rink, 1965-1969, then 1970-1971. When the Hot House moved up to Balboa, after Playland was torn down; I used to take my locker mates from George Washington High (Go Eagles!!!) to the Hot House. My lockers mates had never had Mexican food before, as they were of Chinese ancestory, or they lived in the Western Addition.
I still regard the Ground Beef Enchiladas, as the original fast food. They were in a hot steam cabinet with the wonderful Enchilada sauce, kept very hot. They used this powdered cheddar cheese, on the Enchiladas, and white onions were provided on request, as complimentary. In 1972, my mates thought this was the best 50 cents ever spent, on 2 take out Enchiladas, in the deep square pressed paper bowls. What a treat!

Best Regards, Jeff
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