07/29/08 - posted by Bob Duzdevich
Everyone is on track. The pier was in operation until (I think)1967. It was used by the Olympic Club and the Diving Bell. That is were the bell got it's sea water until an accident happened at the pump station. someone left a valve open and the place was flooded. I was there just after they unwatered it. It was to much to rebuild and start pumping again. So the club change to fresh water as did the Diving Bell. We just keep adding fresh water and most of the fish survived. They were taken to the aquarium when we closed down. After that they dismantled the pier and removed the pipe. BTW I went fishing for bass on the pier many times. Had a key. I thought that it also supplied salt water to some of the city pools too. But not sure. I did swim in salt water pool in North Beach when I was a small one.

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