04/28/03 - posted by rick
The bumper cars that made electrical contact with the ceiling for power.
The first time I rode the bumper-cars at age 8 or 9 I didnít realize the object was to crash into each other and was quite stunned when the first kid slammed into me.
The diving bell had to be the biggest rip-off in playland, when you submerged all you could see was murky seawater.
Another weird attraction was called the kooky-cube, which somehow gave the illusion of defying gravity.
Also the double Ferris wheel and of course that rickety-ass scary roller coaster(wasnít it called the alpine mouse or something similar?)
During the finale years of play land it got really creepy, lots of teenage punks and shifty looking adults, it seemed like the cops never patrolled down there.
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