12/15/09 - posted by Karen K
Now that we have touched on the subject of exterior Christmas lights----because I lived on Sylvan Drive, legend has it in the early 1950's our block was known as "Candycane Lane"--Mom said Dad had to show his drivers license as proof to the SF Policeman who was stationed at the end of each block (Sylvan/Eucalyptus and Sylvan/Sloat)..Well, one of our friends who lived on Riverton apparently "helped himself" to the huge lights affixed to our juniper trees in front of our house. His Mother "recognized them" and made him come over to our house, return them, issue an apology, and also "volunteered" to mow our lawn for a week!...This friend is still a friend of our family and now resides in Washington State. Now--IF ONLY the parents of kids today took this kind of responsibility maybe we wouldn't have so many trouble-makers!
In the words from "Home Alone"---Happy Hanukkah Marv!...
and may I also add "Merry Christmas"!..
Karen K.
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