12/28/09 - posted by Mary-Ann
I confess to being appalled when reading about both the behavior of some of the students at Giannini & Lincoln and that of the teachers, too, that were described in some of these postings. How horrible to have to go to school under these conditions.

I was in Presidio during the war years ('44, '45 '46) and in Washington from '46 to '49. Maybe my head was forever in the clouds, but I never heard of any kinds of trouble that could be compared to what was written. When, why and how did these difficulties begin?

I volunteered at our kids' schools in San Rafael from the beginning of their school years, working with different teachers or in the library - these were elementary years. After moving up here, I became active in the PTA group and spent five plus years in the '70s working with the choir teacher at the nearby intermediate school - I was there nearly every day for two or three periods working as accompianist. Problems occurred and were handled promptly -yet I don't believe were anywhere near as serious as what was written about.
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