11/19/09 - posted by shawn

Angus Mcfarlane did extensive researh on the area of san jose ave and ocean and the balboa park and city college tracing its roots back to the 19th century when it was a place that was occupied by the ones not deemed fit for proper society -also an industrial school for youths - it was called the house of refuge - when i went to the history center of the sfpl - the librarian showed a map of the location of the house of refuge - explaining that the euphensism was used so that portential home buyers would not be scared away - imagine that a prison in the heart of the ingleside district yet no one but mr Mcfarlane brought this to attention- not one no not one sf history book has any accounts - you mean that ms gladys hansen had no knowledge of this place? or any other reputable sf historian - surely it had significance - - i spent a many years of my life going to school in that area working- i have my impressions and memories that are mostly subjective i am asking anyone who had worked or gone to school in the area and share your memories -
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