11/12/09 - posted by jb
As a kid, I always felt like a member of F Troop; I could never get my dad to sign on the line and participate in scouting. I begged and pleaded but he seemed more interested in teaching me how to pick a winner in the ring, call a bank shot, tip a maitre'd, give a lady my seat and get the dimple just right in the middle of my tie.

I felt painfully left out of the scouting milieu. Still, not a day goes by that I don't find myself using at least one of the many life skills my father taught me during those formative years; making a dry martini amongst the most valued. I should search E-Bay and try to find a badge with a pool cue or a cocktail glass embroidered onto them and stitch them onto my Hickey Freeman Navy blue blazer... it might be therapeutic.

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