01/28/22 - posted by Dennis O'Keefe
Hi Patrick,
I was a member of cub pack 15 and scout pack 15. I remember your dad very well. He also coached me in baseball and I think basketball..I look back on those days with a lot of appreciation that someone would take the time to coach or lead a pack. I graduated from St Anne's in 1955.
The only bad experience I had was during the football season of 1952. We scouts went somewhere over the weekend. Don't remember where. Well when we got home on a Sunday afternoon I found out that the 49ers had got in a big brawl with the Philadelphia Eagles. Hugh McElhenny had gotten hit over the head with a helmet. I vowed never to miss a 49er game again. I didn't til about 2003 when my grandson who was about 5 was more important to me than going to Candlestick. I still taped the games and watched them later but didn't have to be there in person.
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