11/09/09 - posted by W. M.
When I attended St. Cecilia's in the early 60's I joined the Cub Scouts (Pack 43) for a year or so. Unfortunately I can't remember a lot of details such as the Den Mother's name, but I do remember going on an overnight camping trip near Mt. Tam I think, a day-long fishing trip, and spending the night onboard a ship harbored in the Marina (Balclutha maybe?). My most vivid memory was the fishing trip where I caught 7 or 8 rainbow trout and called my father at work to tell him. He was delighted thinking of the fresh trout dinner that awaited him when he got home, but he arrived only to find out that my mother fed the fish to the neighborhood cats...hahaha. He was NOT HAPPY!

Any other memorable Scouting experiences out there?
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