09/03/22 - posted by David Friedlander
So cool to run across this thread. I can remember vividly bank books at Mark Twain Elementary in the 1950’s. My parents would give me a $1 a week and at the end of the year I/we would have $50. No memories of what happened with that money though. But I did get my own TV a few years later. Not sure if that was connected or not. My most vivid memory is one Friday in October, 1958, (I believe the bank books were collected on Thursday and returned on Friday), I kept the dollar bill and bought baseball cards, (a nickel a pack plus gum!) and candy. My parents were not happy. But being an only child I escaped serious punishment. However I did learn early on the value of money which certainly helped later in life. I still bank with BofA and sometimes tell the history of the bank to tellers at my local branch who have no idea who A.P. Giannini was.
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