09/30/09 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Thanks to all of you for responding!

After reading the memories of the "Cecilians" I kinda started to recollect the Bank Day thing at our school, and the collection envelope! Also, I'm very impressed with what everyone did with their savings!!

It made me realize that perhaps this is why, even to this day, I am not a good money manager - it just seems to overwhelm me and I have to rely on the advice of close friends to keep me on an even keel. My folks wouldn't even let me have an allowance, or babysit for money, or hold down a job in high school or college - I think they feared it would make me a little too "independent." So, I grew up clueless, and it certainly has taken its toll from time to time, though I've always managed to survive.

Please continue to send in your uplifting "savings stories"...I LOVE those Happy Endings!!
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